Chiral was originally released in 1994 for Macintosh computers by Mac gaming pioneers Ambrosia Software. Inside Mac Games called it “a uniquely creative action-strategy game that is just as much fun to watch as it is to play.” They were right.

I am an independent app developer and a Chiral fan, working by myself to rebuild the game from scratch for touchscreen devices, which are a natural fit for Chiral’s gameplay. Please note that this reboot is not associated with or officially sanctioned by Ambrosia Software. My hope is to give fans like myself a chance to replay this amazing game in a new way, and to introduce it to gamers who didn’t get to experience the original back in the 90s. Most of the core gameplay will be left intact in my rebooted Chiral, but there will be some slight modifications and enhancements to maximize the impact of playing on a touchscreen device.

I will be posting more details here, including images and videos, as the development process continues, but in the meantime please follow @chiralgame on Twitter and like Chiral on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting! Please come back soon!

-Jason Schroeder, developer

4 thoughts on “COMING SOON!”

  1. I started working on a Chiral clone in JavaScript a few years ago and it is nearly finished but has been in a stalled state for several years. Maybe knowing that I am not alone in my interest will spur me to finally finish it and release it. 🙂

    1. Haha, my own adaptation has stalled a bit too! I’ve got it playable on my own iPad but it still needs a healthy dose of polish before it’s ready to release, and life has continually gotten in the way. I guess the race is on, Adrian! Which one of us will complete our project first? 🙂

  2. Hi Jason, I loved Chiral and Ambrosia’s creative genius! I look forward buying your reboot version – any news of imminent release? 😃

    1. Hi Emily, Thanks for the encouragement! The project has stalled for quite some time (life keeps getting in the way), so a release is not imminent – but the project hasn’t died, either. I’ll be sure to post updates as things progress!

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